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Suman Electricals manufacturer of Power & Distribution transformer the company was founded in 2004 and is located in MEERUT which is in UTTAR PRADESH. The manufacturing facility for energy efficient Transformer, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Distribution Panel & APFC panels is set up in an over area 30000sq. feet and is a ultra modernized plant for special transformers. The plant makes use of advanced manufacturing technologies. The plant employs staff about more than hundred people. The plant is divided into the following departments:

To the Indian continent the cutting edge our products define & set new standards in the creative business segments of electricity transmission, distribution & electricity consultancy services. SE's at present is a growing power conservation theme in India. The organization makes sure that you have access to the latest and the best technology by keeping abreast with latest/upgraded developments in the domain of expertise.

SE's vision brings people, ideas, and technology together to create the most advanced solutions for our

  • Suman Electricals vision brings people, ideas, and technology together to create the most advanced solutions for our clients. As a Team, SE brings to your project, experience and expertise.
  • We consider our customer as a partner and not merely as a client.
  • Coupled with we do business, we like to work
  • Superintending, understanding and vision. Solutions, Service Support and Innovation.



Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.



We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect.



Our company develops a unique dynamically and keeps in step with the times.

Testing Process

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Resistance measurement of winding
  • Turns Ratio Test
  • Polarity and phase relationship test
  • No Load losses measurement
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Impedance voltage test
  • Load Loss measurement
  • Breakdown Voltage Test (T/F Oil)
  • Dielectric tests includes applied voltage test and induced voltage test.
  • Leakage Test of transformer tank

In order to get updated with global technological changes, transformers are subjected to type tests in independent govt. recognized testing laboratories such C.P.R.I, Bhopal /Erda Vadodara.

The tests conducted are as:-

  • Impulse Voltage Test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Short Circuit Test / Thermal
  • Noise Level Test
  • Harmonics & Many More