The transformer is a device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another circuit. In addition, The transfer of energy into the circuit can be in increasing or decreasing voltage. There are various purposes to having transformers at units.

For Large units, to run their heavy-duty applications such as machinery. And, For Households, to run their balanced applications such as for doorbells reduced voltage and water motor high voltage. In the market, varieties of transformers are available for people they control, step-down, auto, isolation, three-phase, etc. From there, you have to make the right choice.

There are chances you would not end up with the wrong device. Suman Electricals transformer manufacturer is supplying the best transformer in Meerut. These transformers are suppliers in Meerut so that users have long-lasting and good-quality experiences with us.

Our transformer manufacturer in Meerut aims to fulfill commercial and domestic needs at an effective range. Transformers supplier in Meerut to overcome power failures, faults, and service problems that disturb productivity.

We manufacture and supply transformers as per customer specifications to complete the special demands of units and maximum customer satisfaction. Transformer manufacturer in Meerut of us manufactured a huge range of transformers of high quality, superior performance, and access to dependability.

In this challenging time of changes, modern and durable, these transformers don't wear and tear easily. It is also necessary with perfect transformers, there is a perfect transformer manufacturer in Meerut who delivers a quality product and after-sales service too with customized and reliable power solutions and Suman Electricals is there for you.

Types of Transformer

We are the various types of transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers in Meerut.

1. Power Transformer 2. Current Transformer
3. Distribution Transformer 4. Electrical Transformer
5. Potential Transformer 6. CT PT Transformer

Our transformers supply Meerut with quality certificates, so that any information and detail related to products and features can easily reach the clients. And Our transformer manufacturer in Meerut manufactures those transformers which are mainly used for long-distance to increase the voltage transfer of energy through wires.

In this Modern world, transformers with diverse applications are considered to be local but our transformer manufacturer in Meerut considers it with modern technologies and equations of engineering by inductive coupling to experience premium and safety. 

Our product quality, customer centricity, and business in depth insight make us a more special and top Transformer Supplier in Meerut. With high quality products, our service and maintenance are top and reasonable.

If you Suman Electrical transformer, then their varieties of advantages you will enjoy which are as follows:

  • These transformers transfer power via electromagnetic inductions.
  • The transfer frequency between the circuit uses very little power, voltage drop, and waveform distortion.
  • These transformers are featured with a power distribution system as well as a power electronic system.
  • The transmission of transformers to level up or level down of voltages is based on the level of need of end users who set it automatically.
  • Transformer Manufacturer in Meerut uses magnetic coupling to transfer entire energy easily at any level.

So for a very long time, you were searching for effective transforms at a good range. Our page and transformers are there for you. You can purchase parts of transformers from us. This is the reason for our transformers supplier in Meerut. So shop now and have your best type of transformer.

Our Transformer Range

Provides High Performance Services For Multiple Industries And Technologies!

Power Transformer

Suman's Power Transformers have a robust design and sturdy construction to competently handle short circuits.

Distribution Transformer

Suman's Three Phase Distribution Transformers utilize the most advanced and versatile design,

Potential Transformer

Suman Electricals Potential Transformer is a type of instrument transformer used in power systems for

Current Transformer

A Current Transformer is a device that generates an alternating current that is proportional to the AC in its primary

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The company makes Transformers that are tailor made to the customer specifications. At the Concord Electrical Industries every transformer is treated like an appreciating asset and an international class service remains with the customer before and after the sales. In other words, as the company claims.

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Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Resistance measurement of winding
  • Turns Ratio Test
  • Polarity and phase relationship test
  • No Load losses measurement
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Impedance voltage test
  • Load Loss measurement
  • Breakdown Voltage Test (T/F Oil)
  • Dielectric tests includes applied voltage test and induced voltage test.
  • Leakage Test of transformer tank

In order to get updated with global technological changes, transformers are subjected to type tests in independent govt. recognized testing laboratories such C.P.R.I, Bhopal /Erda Vadodara.